How do i raise a run to meet up with my coop


8 Years
Apr 24, 2011
I need to raise my run to bring it up 10" so the pop door on the new coop is inside the run not above it. I was thinking about sitting it on a course or two of concrete landscape blocks. Does this sound workable? Within the run, if I want to use sand, do I just put sand on top of the dirt or should I put a floor of pavers first? Should I use plastic under the pavers and sand?
You don't need pavers under your sand. I laid landscape fabric down on top of the dirt and put my sand on that. I dn't know that most folks even do that, but I thought it would help keep the sand from kind of melting into the dirt

Could you build a framed/wired chute that runs down into your current run??? I guess I'm wondering if that would be easier than raising the run???
Thanks, that was a thought, I thought about peeling off the first third of the runs roof and replacing that with an angled roof. Maybe Inwill combine the two ideas and just use one course of pavers to contain the sand.
How about adding a ramp to the floor of the run from the door? If that's what your looking for? Don't know if I understand your question.
Hope it helps though.
You could also frame the access from the pop door to the run? Just angle it from the door down to the run. That may be easier than raising the run. Its hard to guess though without a visual.

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