how do i re-integrate my chicken into the flock

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    My chicken got brain damge a few weeks ago. she is a couple of months old. she has been staying in my basement for a little bit while i hand feed her. she has no balance and when she's just standing there, she will spin in a circle, squak, flap her wings, and fall down. the 5 other chickens in the flock are pecking her so much and i am worried that i wont be able to get her to be a part of the flock again. when she is in the coop, she is so scared of the other chickens that she hides in the corner but when she comes back inside she makes her lost call and seems upset that she is away from them. one time i walked into the coop and the others were surrounding her, pecking her and she was lying on the ground not even trying to defend herself. i cant keep her in the basement forever but im worried that the others will kill her. What do i do?
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    If she has been away from the others for a while, you will have to integrate her slowly. I have a small coop next to my larger coop for this purpose. I'll keep the chicken in there so that the others can see her, but not get to her. They will finally except her after a while. You'll have to keep watch the first few times to make sure it's okay that they are accepting her and if not, wait a little longer and try again.

    But this may not be the problem. If you say that she is still acting strange, then the other chickens will see that too and may be pecking at her because of that, not the integration problem. If this is the case, she may not be safe to be with them until she stops acting strange or they will eventually kill her.

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