How do I tell how old this Barred Rock Hen is?


9 Years
Apr 29, 2010
Shippenville, PA

I was wandering if anyone could help to try and figure out how old this hen is. My husband got a flock of chickens that they no longer wanted from a guy he works with, this guy got this hen from someone else that no longer wanted her and when he got this hen she was already an adult hen. They had no idea of how old she is. She is kind of unique. She acts almost like she is a rooster at times,(she trys to crow and also lets the other hens know that she has food like rooster do, by making that certain sound that rooster make and also she will get on the other hens likes rooster do to show she is boss. ) but I guess she use to lay eggs. We have had her for about 2 years now. And I never see her go in the coop and lay any eggs. So I was wandering if anyone knows how to figure out how old a chicken is and do they stop laying eggs at a certain age? Here are a couple of pictures of what she looks like, she has a bigger comb then most of my other hens and her feet are really yellow. I read some about chickens and the color of their legs tells you if they are laying or not.
yes usually hens legs are bleached from laying yet some chickens just dont lay. I have one. Some chickens usually slow down on laying when they get older and I am pretty sure at a certain age they stop laying.

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