How do I track a USPS express mail package??


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Sep 14, 2008
Adair Co., KY
I sent my first ever LIVE birds in the mail yesterday, and was wanting to check and see 'where' they were. I put the label # into the USPS track & confirm thing and it says 'no record'?? Am I doing it wrong?
You don't want the label #, you want the tracking #. You kept a copy of the form, right? It should be a really long number. I'm looking at one now (that I have in my office) and the number is 1Z 205 97W 84 5318 8722. It should be like that. It will say "tracking #"
It doesn't have that

The guy at the post office said the number on top of the form (starts with EG), which is the same number that's listed where it says 'label #' is the one used to track it.

Is yours for express or priority?
Try it with no spaces, and with or without the EG. Also, sometimes they don't get around to entering the info for a few days. Very frustrating!
This is express, sent yesterday and they guaranteed it to be there by 3 today. Hopefully it won't take days to be updated!
The USPS is notorious for coming up "no record" on their tracking. It's nearly pointless, but they are fairly decent about getting the package there on time.

You'd be amazed how fast some things can come. I once put in an order at my pro lab at 11 pm. I got it the next day at noon when my regular mail came. I thought maybe they altered the time space continuum to do that.

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