How do I travel with my duck?


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Jan 1, 2016
Im currently living in Mexico, but I'm planning on going to California this fall. I'm taking my pets (4 dogs, a cat and my duck) I know they don't allow bird on airplanes so I'm thinking about going by car. Are there certain papers I need in order to bring her with me? She's a Pekin
Call customs to see what would be required for a pet duck, but the link above makes it clear there is a 30 day quarantine at a USDA facility for poultry.
The thing is, I'm going to move to California. So I'll be living there, I don't wanna leave her because she's my baby. I also don't want to leave her for 30 days because she's very attached to me, I don't know how she'd react not being with me or her sisters

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