how do i up the humidity in my incubator plz

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May 30, 2012
hi all im very new to all of this i have just got my first incubator to try hatch our own chicks to add to our flock the temp in inc is spot on but my humidity is only at 25% and ideas on how to up it please x
Try a sponge. I just did and humisity went from 50 to 70 very quickl. Im in lockdown
What kind of incubator is it?
Have you put the eggs in yet?
Day 1-18 for normal 21 day chicken eggs I would say haveing 25-35% humidty is fine .
Day 18-21 I would add a sponge or two and maybe even a pieace of one you can set directly comeing out of one of the wells for water for wic effect . You can get air line tubeing like for fish tanks or straws to help add water after day 18 when your not sapose to open the inc.
OH and after you set the eggs expect the temp to drop as the eggs have to heat up to incubator temp so dont play with the temp gauge for a awhlie so everything has the time to get to the temp it needs to be again , Id say at least 6-8 hours but IM not expert
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no eggs in it yet it only been running for 24hrs and it one of the polystyrene box ones i will have to manually turn eggs etc just dont want to get this wrong before we even started as kids would be upset if we didnt get one chick out the 16 lol
I am gonna have a piece of bath towel hanging from a cross-bar of wire into my water container. This will act as a wick. I will be able to raise and lower the towel with a piece of wire extending outside of the incubator. If the humidity is low, I will pull more wet towel out of the water for the heated air to pass over.(like a sail) As fast as the towel tries to dry out, it will wick-up more water to be evaporated.

If the humidity climbs too high, I will lower the towel reducing the surface area exposed to the heated air.

Got all of this info here from the most helpful people ever.
thanks all last night before bed i added a small trough of warm water and humidity is now up to 55% it that safe to put my eggs in now ?
cool thats great thanks eggs have been in just over a hour now and temp is on the way back up yippy cant wait to see if we get any chicks now

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