How do people keep over 30 chickens?

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6 Years
Aug 3, 2013
Oviedo, FL
I have read people on here that have a tons of chickens. How is a flock that size managed? Do you free range? Build tons of coops and runs? Inquiring minds want to know:)
I do both as well. My confined birds have comparatively a lot of space per bird and are either kept singly of in pairs most of time. The free-ranged birds are kept in groups numbering not more than 30 individuals per group with roost spaced out so groups can be encouraged to have largely non-overlapping areas to forage. Even with a single free-range flock, I invest considerable effort ensuring they have adequate cover and properly managed pasture so the can get out and find eats. Going the free-range option you can greatly reduce feed requirements but predator management either becomes more intensive or losses to predators increases.
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