???How do u know???

by their comb and if you know what to look for in their vent or if you wait to see if one crows:)
If you run your finger over their comb if you feel a small bump it's a boy if it feels flat it's a girl. I was told this by a silkie breeder. So far it has worked on all the ones I have so far. They need to be a month or so older to do this though. Plus the roos will start to get streamers on the top of their head.
well mine wont hold still so i guess i just will have to wait
this may sound stupid but.....wats a crest?
so if its oval its a boy? wats the diffrence of oval and circular? got any pics?
I wish I had pics but all I had was boys. now I am down to 1 boy.

The difference is the circular fro means it will have a small comb. the boys have the oval shaped which means it will have a big comb.
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