how do you actually soak your chicken, clean them

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    This is a serious question. My chickens are moderately tolerant of human touch, they eat from my hand, will jump on my arm occasionally etc however trying to give them a "bath" or soak them is a disaster. One of them looks like her bum needs a little soaking, or at least it looks like it could so I thought I would attempt because it's always good to have a game plan. It was insanity. How exactly do you guys do this?
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    Most chickens will groom themselves and do not need a bath. Some just get grubby and need personal attention. Best way to bathe a chicken is in warm soapy water dipped a few times and rinsed, then wrapped in a towel to dry off. you can use a hair dryer to dry them. I do not bathe mine! If the get buggy i dust the with seven dust. Seems like people that show birds will bathe them but really for the general flock you do not need to bathe them....

    edited to say that if bum looks a little messy then trim feathers and pick off the residue. yep what we do for our chickens [​IMG]
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