How do you all cope with the disappointment!

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8 Years
May 15, 2011
Day 28 and I eventually removed the eggs today from under my broody hen, so disappointed they did not hatch was my first time and I was so excited but now so sad
, but broody hen was upset she went running around the run then promptly went back inside and is still sitting on nest even though no eggs there any more, how do I get her to come out again. But how do you all cope with the disappointment of eggs not hatching, I know they were fertile, one did crack but was well after 21 days, think she threw it out and other hens stepped on it but was a dead but formed chick. no idea why they did not hatch. If she continues to sit in nest could I put more eggs under her or would she get up and leave them halfway through, she is very healthy, I had kept food and water by her whole time and she did go out to toilet but then back to eggs. Not sure I can cope again being so excited and then so sad!
I had 11 Speckled Sussex eggs under two different broodies, and not one hatched. It was very disapointing. I've been wanted that breed for a while. I gave my broody girls a second set of eggs that were in an incubator and almost done, and one hatched but was deformed. Those were a friend's eggs, so she is taking care of it. It is very disapointing, I know. I just told myself I'll keep trying. It is strange yours didn't hatch if you know they are fertile. Mine were shipped, so it was less puzzling as to why they didn't make it.
I have a hen who would sat on a nest an extra week and a half while some late eggs she had stole were hatching. If its a hen you've had before and know it will stay broody, I say go ahead if she is of good weight and healthy. Maybe seclude her more so she can't kick out any eggs this time.
Can you find some day old chicks to slip under her during the night? If you can do this then, in the meantime, slip some fake eggs under her to keep her setting.
I think 2 21 days sets are very hard on the girls.
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