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11 Years
Mar 26, 2008
San Antonio, TX
A Coop Door! My coop that my dad and I have constructed is pretty nice, but when it comes the the door! Eww! We both had no clue how to make a good door, so we used plywood added the hinges and latch and thats all.

Well over the summer it did well but now its extremely warped! I am going to take it down because its so badly gaped at the top it does not close all the way!

So How do I make a nice Door??
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Here is what the coop looked like when we finished building it back in April.


I need a Door for it that will work, and I am not sure how I can put a hatch on something like this?? Thanks for the suggestions! I guess I can look it over and figure a way to do that...
Well this pic is old. I am painting it to match the house, the coop is still in very good condition, it was just the door that got all warped. I just want to know how to build a door. But definitely going to put primer on it before putting it on the coop this time!
sorry you haven't got many replies... I think we are all still wracking our brains for you.

I'd say painting or shellac-king several layers on whatever you use would do the trick - even if exactly the same as your last door.

Let us know....

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