How do you clean up after house chickens?


Ranger Rick
12 Years
Oct 27, 2007
Southwest Mississippi
I see that lots of you keep house chickens as pets. How messy is that? Can you give me some ideas what you do to cut down on the mess and how you handle the inevitable poops on the furniture?

Well, I was planning on investing in chicken diapers and learning how to make my own, but then I realized my dog Halo is like a roomba!
He just follows them around and eats whatever pops out!
The other day he managed to shove half of his body thru the door of their cage to get a piece of poop on top of the box I had put in there.
So, I guess I won't be needing diapers, at least not until he gets tired of eating chicken poop!!!!! (We need a smilie of a white pitbull eating chicken droppings behind a walking chicken!)
I don't have any, but my friend does. She used diapers, made for chickens, but found it to be a big pain. Her two batams walk around and she follows with toilet paper and bleach wipe. At night, they sit on her couch....covered with bath towels and watch TV together and share a orange!
Trying to wrestle Obelisk into a diaper before going to work was a career in and of itself...
I finally gave up...
The hard dry Ploop, you can just scoop up with a dustpan and brush.
The loose wet Splort I use PetStain Remover.
I keep my two house chickens (bantum SF's) in their indoor coop during the day when I'm at work. When I get home I let them out and give them their treat on the kitchen floor (vinyl), as they poop I clean with tiolet paper and a clorox wipe. Toss turd/tiolet paper in john and flush. Once they start running around they start pooping. Some days its 3 turds apiece, other days it seems like 20
. I don't have carpeting, tore that out and just painted my subfloor till I can afford wood. My area rug I use Shot Spot on when I have to clean up after them.
I always feed them their crumbles/grit in their coop. This way, they want back in after being out for 1 to 2 hours. They stay in their coop for about an hour then want out again. They dust themselves on the small rug in front of my glass door and , yes, they watch T.V. with me (and share an orange) at night. Well, we all sleep while the boob tube is running
. They have their end of the couch, covered with an old shower curtin and towels, and I have mine.
Taking care of my two house chickens is alot less work than the coop with my standards. I'm planning on making an outdoor coop for them for the summer so they can be outside enjoying the fresh air. I still plan on keeping them inside for winter, so much easier then taking care of a second outside coop .
my chickens are not house chickens...........though they do come in sometimes for a little while.......messymessymessy.............luckily, i also have a dog that is obsessed with chicken poop.............disgusting!!!!!

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