How do you do the math?

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  1. I had 29 eggs that I set. 7 were non fertile. No development at all.
    17 have hatched out of 22 that looked good at last candling. So do you take 17 divided by 29 for hatch rate? Or do you take 17 divided by 22?


    PS this is just for my entertainment only. I'm tickled with my 17 as its a great number for my third time at hatching.

  2. Is that the numerator and the demoninator thingy ?

    I believe that you take the smaller number and divide by the larger, this way you will get less than 100 percent.

    If you take the larger and divide by the smaller, you will get over 100 percent.

    Wait, is that the numerator or the denominator......

    Gezzz, this modern math thing, who knew I would have to use it.
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    Your fertility rate is going to be 22 divided by 29 (76%). Your hatch rate would be 17 divided by 22 (77%).
  4. Quote:That's what I was looking for. Thanks alot.

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