How do you get geese and/or ducks to lay in nest boxes?

Discussion in 'Geese' started by Haazegirl, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. Haazegirl

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    Jan 15, 2010
    Southern Minnesota
    I have 2mutt geese that we kept for eggs. They have been laying fairly often, but only once in the nest box. They bury them pretty good in the coop bedding or in a nasty little place off the side of the barn. What are their habits for laying? Can I put out fake eggs like with chickens? Will it do any good?

    The mother goose was a white mutt, the gander is African. I also have three goslings coming in May, they will be Chinese.

  2. Goose and Fig

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    Apr 19, 2009
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    Give them a big bunch of fresh straw in a corner of your coop. I use 4 x 4s to keep the straw from spreading out too much. Or even a big dog crate full of straw can work.

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