How do you hang nesting boxes and roosts in a kennel coop?


8 Years
Dec 9, 2011
I am setting up my first coop using a 10 X 10 dog kennel we got from a friend. It's the welded wire one sold at Tractor Supply with rectangular "holes".

My question is, how do you hang nesting boxes and roosts when the walls are wire?!? I've seen a couple of pictures where people have screwed large hooks into the ends of the roosts to hang in a kennel coop and that's the best option I can think of.

I am a novice chicken owner (fun!) and an extremely visual learner; if anyone has photos of their suggestions, I would so appreciate any help you can send.

Thanks so much!
: ) Cynthia
I would possibly set up sheets of plywood (with 2x4's on the inside to screw them to) on two sides of the dog run and put the nesting boxes and the roost in the corner. This will help keep predators (such as raccoons) from reaching in and grabbing your girls while they nest or roost and will also give them a brace against potential inclement weather.
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I just have a free standing nest box in my dog run...and a cinderblock platform for my feeder/waterer...I took wire mesh and made a top for mine.


If you look in the corner, though my kennel is chainlink, I simply used the wall to brace the roost pole into the corner. It is very secure, and works very well. I have changed up some of the things out there now, but it is basically the same. I used wire to secure my roost to the chainlink three years ago, and I STILL can't get that roost off without cutting the wire.
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Not sure if the welded wire is the same size as mine but if it is a 2X4 will slide right through one side to the other - makes a good roost if you had a nest box like kari dawns pictured you could probably hang the waterer and feeder underneath

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