How do You Introduce a Dog to Your Chickens???

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Y N dottes, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. Y N dottes

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    Sep 1, 2012
    South Central WI
    I'm not quite how to do this so the dog and the chickens don't both freak out and go berserk........
    Right now my dog would chase them if i didn't stop her, but Ive been able to keep them apart quite easily.
    If u could give suggestions that would be great......thanx
  2. centrarchid

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    Sep 19, 2009
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    First, it is not a one time deal. You will be doing this for an extended period. Control of dog will have to be expanded. Lots of exposure will be needed to get dog to loose interest in birds.
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    Aug 19, 2012
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    I have posted this on other threads, so sorry if this is repeat but I really believe that any breed of dog can be trained to be around your animals safely if you work on training them well in overall impulse control. Here is the method I use to train my dogs:

    I have a pit-bull mix and three pugs. The pit and two of the pugs are rescues from urban shelters with mixed histories of abuse. All four dogs are out in the yard with my 5 chickens everyday without any problems. In fact I once had a chicken attack a dog but never the opposite. Everyone guaranteed me that the pit would kill my chickens but she has never been a problem.

    Here is what I personally recommend: The most important thing to focus on overall is improving your dogs impulse control. No matter what your dog has a natural prey drive but more than that they are pack animals that want to please their master. Good basic training makes teaching them anything else so much easier. Make sure that you can snap your dogs attention back to you even when they see something they want. (I can't snap so I use an "aht." noise - this means sit and pay attention to me) One of the best ways to work on this without a live animal present is during feeding. Do you free feed your dogs or do they eat at regular times? I would recommend taking them off of free feeding if you are doing that. Focus on training your dogs so they they will not eat anything unless you give a specific command. I set down all four bowls of food and make the dogs wait. They do not eat until they hear their own name and see a hand gesture. Also work on them stopping eating at a command and willing stepping away from their food. I say "Name, wait." and they stop and sit until told to continue. These skills help with impulse control in many areas of training. It may seem unrelated but to a dog, the one who controls the food is the ruler of them all.

    I would introduce the dog to the chickens on a leash and just sit and be calm. (One dog at a time if you have more than one) As soon as she starts to fixate on the chickens in any way other than simple curiosity or barks or is excited (even happy excited) I would scold her with the same word every time (you only need to say it once, firmly) and immediately take her inside. It is important to take her in even with happy excitement. You are training her to ignore the chickens not to like the chickens and there is a big difference. With my dogs I brought them back when they were calm and started all over again. and again and again. lol. I allowed them to glance at them or sniff them but anything else was a no. It took a bit of patience but within a few days all of the dogs ignored the chickens and now find very little interest in them at all other than a sniff here or there. I never yelled or hit them or used a choke or a shock. I just said no and took them away immediately at any sign of fixation or barking. You will need to do this everyday until they get it. Patience is the key and consistency. It sucks because sometimes you are busy and don't want to deal with it but starting and stopping will just make it worse. I leave them all together unsupervised regularly.

    Here is my pit, Lou, with a silkie chick who fell in love with her.

  4. Y N dottes

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    Sep 1, 2012
    South Central WI
    Thanks alot guys.....

    This shouldnt be too hard because my dog listens to me most of the time.....its when she gets excited that she doesnt listen.

    BTW- awesome pic chickensRdinos

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