How do you keep two roosters


Mar 5, 2017
Hi I have nine hens and one rooster and I have incubated some eggs back in January and I got a rooster who is ready to go out side how do I get two roosters to get along I have more hens growing in the brooder how many hens do you need to have two roosters so they will not fight my rooster that is in the flock know can get a little mean when it comes to the hens if you mess with his hens he attack you I don’t want to give my new rooster away but I will have to I I can’t get them to get along but how thanks for your help


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Nov 23, 2010
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It depends on the breed.
20 to 30 hens for two roosters with lots of free range space should be OK. The earlier you introduce the new one the better. If they are both adults, it can be a problem.
A rooster will accept a young cockerel because he can dominate him. The transition sometimes goes well. If your rooster attacks you, either stop messing with the hens or eliminate the rooster. He's just protecting the flock.


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I have 3 at the moment, 2 are in private quarters, with one on the yard. This way they can shadow box at the fence and I dont need to worry with them. Though some will beat their face on the fence until they are bleeding,,,,they really cant hurt the other.
I find 2 roos will over mate certain girls, some even take turns, each having to be the last to do the job. I also do not put young cocks with my girls, they must calm down first.

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