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Jan 10, 2009
It has been unbearably hot here in Florida for the last month. How do you keep your chickens cool in the hot weather? I've got fans, but I thought of taking a squirt bottle and misting them. Give me some ideas...........
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I bought a mister from sams yesterday, I am going to put it in their run. For right now they are in shade in their tractor with a fan and a few pans of water. I have also given them a few pieces of cold watermelon today. Still way too hot but supposed to be much hotter by the weekend. I used to love summer as a kid, but I really am starting to hate it now!
Keeping their drinking water cool is key...we had an unusually hot couple days last year, and a neighbor lost 24 birds! When I checked the drinking water it was actually TOO HOT TO TOUCH! AND IT WAS IN THE SHADE! We lost 2 rabbits that day - even though they were in a north-facing pole barn. Again, insanely HOT water! I live close to the Pacific coast, and it rarely gets above 80, but it was over 100 and there was no time to become acclimatized. A lot of people lost a lot of animals those 2 days.
I would think a mister would be a practiclally guarenteed way to prevent overheating.
When I did a batch of cornish last summer I took a bunch of plastic water bottles and froze them then just threw them out randomly in the coop. The chickens loved it. They would huddle up around them. When they get hot they would pant really heavy but they would huddle up to the bottles and be just fine. I used about 10 bottles for 30 chickens and that was plenty.
I put shades on them..........

I also use the frozen 2 liter method, or just walk out there with the hose............. they hated the 1st time, and now whenever they see it, they come running like little dino's
I have done the same things. You can use the setting on your sprayer nozzle to make it like rain; I point the sprayer up and let the "raindrops" fall on them, rather than sending a jet (which might hurt) at a bird.

Ice cubes in the water dish is nice. So are some nice cold grapes or a piece of watermelon.

Make sure they have access to shade (including a shady place to dustbathe).

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