How do you keep your chicks pinned up?


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Apr 7, 2009
I will be getting my hatching eggs in a few days and will put them in the bator on 3/6. My question is once they hatch and get to big for their space what type of area do you keep them in, before moving them outside?

I have a medium/large dog cage made of wire with a plastic tray. Will they be able to hang out there till they are ready to be moved outside?
I had mine in a big cardboard box, but the first day the water was spilled and soaked right through! What I'm using now is a large plastic dog kennel, disassembled into the two halves, right now I put them in the half that doesn't have vent holes because they'd fit through the holes, and zip tied the metal door into position(it needs both halves to stay up) Working great so far!! How big are the holes in the dog kennel? My chicks could fit through the holes of their chick feeder for the first few days, so if they are too big, could you prop something against the walls? Good luck and hapy hatching!
Up to 8 wks, they need 1 sq ft per bird...I'm in the process of making a 3x4 "doghouse" chick grower house, that I'll put them in at about 2-3 weeks, when they grow out of their brooder. I'll keep a light/heat lamp on them appropriately, 95 degrees first week, then minus 5 degrees for each week thereafter until they have true feathers (about 6 weeks).

I've also attached some plastic chicken wire to some 8' long cattle panels to let them have some fresh air when I'm around, and it's safe, but certainly locking them back in at night, and keeping something over the top of the temporary run (hawks), until they get bigger.

That area you have could work depending on number of chicks and the size of the cage, and how long until you move them into the big house! Remember to keep a heat source for them at one end or the other, so they can go get warm if they need to!

Happy chicks! I'm jealous, I have to hold myself back until April. Hubby can't work on the big house (coop) until after April 15...(I'm a C.P.A. widow.. ; )
The holes are 3 inches tall by 1 1/2 inches wide. I'm only hatching 10-12 eggs and for awhile they will be staying in the bucket I'm using to hatch it is a 15 gallon sterilite tub like the one pictured.


What about the bottom can I cover the bottom with newspaper and straw? or fabric, that way it can be changed out and washed?
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I use a metal dog crate also with the plastic bottom tray. I line the inside edge with cardboard about a foot high and that keeps the draft off them and keeps them in. It also protects my babies from my cats. It works perfect. I suspend the heat lamp from the inside to begin with and then move it to the top when I need to lower the temp.
Okay that's a good idea. I just wanted something that would keep them contained but allow DD to see them. She's 3 and wants to hatch eggs.
I use a large plastic dog crate (about 30" high), it's old and the door is a bit broken but I wire it for the babies. Since it's not usable for a dog, I cut out a large hole on the top then put the heat lamp over it, raising it every week or so as they get bigger and older. I like the fact that the door is large so that I have easy access for cleaning, watering, feeding, etc.

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