how do you kill leg mites?

I've read that smothering them (mites) is the purpose of putting on vaseline. Some didn't like it because it made their feet slippery and they had a hard time roosting. There was a thread not too long ago about it. Scan through this index and you may find it. Good luck
i know some people dip the legs in alcohol, my friend mixes vasoline and lice powder and coats them, i have a rooster that has them, i gave him a dose of ivermectin and dipped the legs in alcohol, the only thing is how do you know if the mites are all dead? it takes forever for the scales to come back right? i also heard that you should dunk your chickens legs in alcohol a couple times a year for prevenative treatment, i guess i'll be doing that this week
Chickenboy, click on the 'search' tab up above in the blue strip
type in 'scale mites' and a lot of discussions will pop up. I just checked myself. Everyone has their own opinions and uses what resources are available. Again, good luck
Get some "Scarlet Oil" from the feed store. It's in a bottle with a dobber. They even have a spray can of Scarlet oil called "Scarlex". Spray your chickens legs from the bottom of her feet up to where the feathers start. Not as messy as vaseline and you can spray once a week until you feel all the mites are dead then just spray for maintenance.
I personally like to put Vaseline on the legs. It is the most natural way, a little messy though. You can dip the legs in one part of Kerosene mixed with two parts of linseed oil (not motor oil!!!), both available at Loewes or Dixieline or so. Make sure to paint the roosts as well to prevent re-infection.
If your chickens are not laying, some people use Ivermectin 1/4 cc for Standard size chickens, 5-7 drops for Bantams. Good luck.
I searched this problem intensely. What I decided upon was tea tree oil mixed with baby oil. The tea tree oil has a natural antiseptic property and heels them heal from the mites. I waited until they went to roost, mixed some in a shallow plastic container at about a 1:10 mixture and had my son hold the hens while I dipped their feet and held it in the oil for a few seconds. We put them back to roost and it has worked wonders. They are doing wonderfully and I think I'll dip them again soon but they are like night and day. Don't forget once you do this to clean your coop and I do believe that using DE has helped also.

Good luck,

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