How do you know if a chicken is brooding?


8 Years
Aug 15, 2011
Portland, Oregon
I have a 6 0r 7 month old barred rock that was laying every day, and now she has stopped for about 3 or 4 days. She is spending most of her time in the nest box but is still coming out to eat and drink. I have no idea when they normally get broody or if this is what's happening.. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Yes, sounds like she's broody. They stay in the nest box most of the time, all flattened out and fluffed up. They don't roost at night. They may peck at you if you try to reach under to get to any eggs under there.
There are no eggs under her and she doesn't try to peck me as I've brought her out to go outside in the yard. She still likes to dust herself and looks fine. I hope she's okay, her name is Hazel and she's the boss of the coop!

Thanks again,

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