how do you show chickens duck ect at the fairs

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    I want to show birds at the fair but have no idea how to get that going. Can someone help me out. Someone said you can't unless you have a kid in 4h or something like that?
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    I have not yet taken chickens to a show but have been getting ready for one.

    Here is what I know in a nut shell.

    Find out if your breed is APA sanctioned
    Decide if you want to risk having your birds critiqued by a stranger
    Get them in the best condition you can
    Get the clean really clean
    Get the PT tested
    Get them entered
    Take them and all the stuff you need
    Put them in the coops they provide wait for the results
    Take them home.

    Coops are provided one of my questions
    Take your own feed and probably more importantly you own water
    Keep your eyes and ears open when you are there and be one of the learners and not one that doesnt find an education every time you take them out.
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    There are two different types of shows at fairs. Usually, the county fairs are ONLY for those kids involved in 4-H or FFA. Now the state fairs will often times have an open or purebred poultry show that is open to anyone, kids or adults. Most shows are structured under ABA/APA rules, so crossbred birds aren't allowed. They have to be purebred.

    Most if not all will require Pullorum testing, which can be done at the show site within a specified time prior to check in IF the hosting show offers testing, not all do. It's not ideal to have your birds bled at the show especially if they are white, but it will be necessary if they require tested birds only, which hopefully they would require for everyone's safety.

    Clean birds are a must! You wouldn't go to a fashion show dressed in old ragged work clothes, you go looking your best. Your birds are no different. Wash them several days before the show (you would be amazed at how much of a difference it makes in appearance), make sure they are free of mites (you won't be allowed entrance with a mite infested bird), make sure their toenails and beaks are trimmed. Study your breed's standard of perfection to know if what you have is what the breed standard calls for.

    Choose your fair, look at their agricultural link on the fair website pages, and that's where you'll usually find the show rules and entry forms, and whether or not they offer an open poultry show. Or you can call them directly and inquire about whether or not they offer an open poultry show. Note that most open fair poultry shows have entries that close a month to two months in advance of the show date itself.
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