How do you start new chicks on fermented feed?


13 Years
Jun 21, 2009
I was reading a thread about fermenting feed for Meaties and it had an article about having to introduce the fermented feed to chicks but
A) how do you do it
B) is it good for layer birds because the pictures are fantastic but they are all meaties.

The article referenced having to start the fermented feed with new chicks but it did not explain further - that was the end of the article.
I have been feeding my chickens f.f. for 7 months now, I started it with feed a little bit of acv but it needs to be unfiltered, raw with the mother! when you first start the batch I made it with a lot of water but you realy need to make sure it is all moist, consistency of peanut butter. it will rise a lot as the gasses collect at the bottom, keep an eye out so it don't overflow, as I know all too well it will ha ha
!! u don't NEED the acv but it helps ferment it faster. it will start to smell like beer at a few days, its fine!! then it will start to smell like vomit, that's GOOD, believe me I don't like the smell of it at all when its at the vomit stage!!!! everytime u feed out add more feed and water, stir it daily and you keep it going! no need to start new at any point!! good luck and have fun with it! you will be happy how beautifull and healthy ur babies will b!!

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