How do you store eggs on countertop?

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    Our girls recently started laying so we will be getting 6 eggs a day now. How are people storing their eggs on the countertop to make sure that you use the oldest eggs first? I originally wanted a cute chicken wire basket but digging to the bottom to get the oldest eggs isn't practical... I've seen the "Egg Skelter" but it's $50.... sooo....

    Thank you!

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    Aug 8, 2014
  3. donrae

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    I just keep mine in a bowl. We go through enough I don't worry about one setting there for a week, I use them all up every 2 weeks or so. I don't worry about using Tuesday's egg before Monday's, things like that. Eggs can set out room temp a good month before you have quality issues.

    When we get more eggs, I put them in cartons and use the cartons to rotate them...oldest on top, newest on bottom
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    I keep my eggs in cartons, but I date each egg with my grandkids water color pens. I figure if the water color is safe for kids to chew/suck on it should be safe on the eggs.
  5. I store mine in a cardboard egg carton and at this point I have ONE, so you can believe that I'll remember when it was laid. [​IMG]

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    I use a cardboard egg carton laid open on the counter using both top and bottom of carton.
    Put them into the carton in certain order, fill dozens for sale as they fill up and store those in certain order also selling the oldest first.

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