How do you tell if doves have lice or fleas

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    I have Three Ring-Necked Doves one of which might have fleas or lice but i dont know how to tell[​IMG]
    One side of head looks like is missing feathers.
    Sir Gibbie


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    The best way to determine if he has parasites is to lift the feathers up so you can see then skin. The places where they hide the most are under the chin, under the wings, belly, around the vent and between their legs. When you lift their feathers up you will more than likely see bugs scurry out of sight or see eggs from the bugs. Here are some photos to help you out.

    type of louse to look for on a pigeon
    Pigeon lice
    lice eggs on feathers (always found at the base of the feather)
    lice eggs on feathers
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    thnx it looks like another of our doves might have something around the top of the beak

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