How do you wear down a chickens beak for overlapping

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    I don't know if you can see it but it's just starting to overlap and how would i trim it or does that happen on her own?? And also this won't go with the flock no more she's not sick and I feel that it's because of my other rooster is stressing her out I am trying to get rid of him but no calls yet. Or it could be she got leg mites idk tho I don't see her messing with her legs but her legs are a little scaly. Doesn't Vaseline help with that?? Sorry for all the questions just has me a bit worried because she's the main hen
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    As far as the beak is concerned, I make sure mine have large flat rocks in the run to hone their beaks on. You can file it down with just a fingernail file if it needs a little help. Just hold her in your lap facing away from you and do a few quick strokes. Ever week or 2 is all you need to do. Can't help on mites. Never had them.
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    I keep a cinder block in my run for my chickens to wipe their beaks on, it works great.

    If she's got leg mites, the scales will be lifted and gnarly looking. Vasaline will work, I've also used WD-40, bag balm and used motor oil. Whatever you use, you want it to be thick enough to stay on and suffocate the mites. You'll need to soak her legs in water (i add Epsom salt, too) and use a toothbrush or something similar to work all that crust out from under the scales. Dont dig it out, if it won't loosen up, keep soaking everyday until it does. Also, paint your roosts with some used oil too. Sometimes the mites like to hide out there.
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