How does a hatchery replacing a DOA work?


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Jul 9, 2013
Caribou, Maine (almost in Canada!)
So I had a shipment come in from a hatchery on Wednesday, and I had 1 DOA. Then I lost a very lethargic BLRW that I attempted to get to eat/drink (even tried nutri drench, egg yolk, and yogurt), but she passed away, I assume just from shipping stress.

So I contacted the hatchery and let them know of the 2 that passed and am waiting to hear back from them.

My question is, if they offer to replace them, I assume it's only breeds that they have in stock, rather than what I lost, correct? Do I have to pay the $50 shipping charge again if they send out more chicks to replace the ones who didn't make it? Just curious for those who have dealt with DOAs from hatcheries before.
Go to their web site and review their policies. Each hatchery is different. I wouldn't expect to have to pay shipping again, but have never dealt with this issue. It might be easier for you to just have them issue a credit for the lost birds. You could always pick up a couple more at a local feed store... won't be the breeds you've ordered (most likely) but will fill out your flock until next year. Good luck with the rest of your birds. Are you giving them electrolytes, sugar water, vitamins, pro-biotics? You can make your own electrolyte solution. I won't brood chicks without having a bottle of Nutri-drench on hand. If you haven't researched the topic, I'd recommend that you look into fermented feed.
Yup, have the sav a chick electrolytes and probiotics in the water, then switch over to just ACV in a few days. I will look into the fermented feed, something I keep meaning to check out!!

The policies didn't mention anything about shipping fees, just said they would replace, refund or give credit for chicks that died in the 48 hour period. I would order a third chick, plus the 2 replacements so they could ship them ASAP if there isn't another shipping charge. I will have to wait and hear what they say!

Thankfully the rest of the chicks seem full of energy and doing well, hope they continue to thrive! It's so sad losing babies.

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