How does your chicken like hugs?

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8 Years
Jun 15, 2011
I find it interesting that some of my crew are very particular in the way they want hugs. Like one has to be up on the "hug pedestal" (a cinder block on end), facing to my left, two arms wrapped around her and her neck stretched and pressed between my shoulder and neck. Some have to be on the ground and others have to be in my lap, some of the lap chickens have to be faced in a certain direction.
I have some pretty friendly birds but I dont think any of them like to be hugged. When I pick them up I do have a few that will lay their head on my chest, so maybe that is a hug?
I find these replies strange, some of my old hens act like a dog/cat. Jump into my lap on command and/or jump in my lap when ever I sit down. They want to be held as long as I can stand it. All of my new crew (6 week olds) all jump in my lap and hang out (sometimes all at once).
Awwwe....I want my hen and rooster to become more "huggable".....they still won't let me touch them. I finally have them eating out of my hand..but with caution and if I try to reach out slowly to them, they turn away. I know that one day, I might get them comfortable enough to handle, but not yet..... :(
I just had one of my ladies sitting in my lap!! I had to chase her around a bit, but when I picked her up she calmed right down! Then I sat down and held her for a minute then let her go on my lap and she just sat there cheeping (she's only about 2 months old) until I put her down!
I haven't given or received a hug from a chicken yet. I've had one jump on my lap once when I was examining another as if to say "what are you doing to her!"
I do know they're very interesting and each has it's own personality.

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