How far apart should I space my roosting perches in our new coop?

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  1. Kelly G

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    We are in the process of retro-fitting a shed to be our "new" chicken coop. The shed is approx. 10'x10' (about 6' tall) and we have put in 6 nest boxes for the girls - we put them on the outside of the shed so we can acces them easily as well as keep the eggs free of droppings from above [​IMG]

    My question is this: How far apart should I space the roosts? I know it needs to be at least 12" from the wall (no problem - I have plenty of space), but I need to know how far apart the roosts should be. I was thinking 20" but would like some input.
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    Glad you asked that question ... [​IMG]
    My hubby and I gathered sassafrass trees and he made a real nice roost for me , and installed it katty korner in the coop.....I was wondering if we have it in the right place...Now I will find out ! [​IMG]
    Thanks ! [​IMG]
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    Jan 29, 2008
    southern tier,NY
    I think 20" would be good,mine are about that.I don't think you would want anything smaller than 16" to prevent picking. Will

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