How far will a hawk take it's prey?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by DillardHome, May 21, 2011.

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    I have always heard that a hawk will not take it's prey far to eat it. The hawk would perch in a nearby tree and start eating. TRUE?? [​IMG]

    The reason I am asking is I recently had one of my full grown EE hens disappear. It had to have been a quick snatch & grab since none of the others made a commotion. Mine all free range during the day and when she didn't return to the coop at dusk I knew something was wrong. We looked in the woods along our property for any signs of feathers and not a one was found. So I was thinking if it was a hawk that sure would have been a heavy load to carry far since the hawks I've seen around here are on the small side, but they do have some pretty big feet. Bobcat maybe? Ohhhh who knows there are so many possibilities........

    I realize the risks of free ranging my flock, but they are so much happier foraging versus being cooped up. At least she had a happy life doing what chickens do.

    We "got rid" of our rooster last week due to him becoming aggressive towards me, I'm pretty sure she would still be here today if he were still around since she barely left his side. But his actions were not acceptable so I have no regrets as far as that goes. But what a bummer losing one of my favorite girls and then not having any idea what happened, no closure. I currently have three young EE cockerels and I am deciding which one I want to keep to take over, but in the meantime they all three hang out together acting like the 3 Stooges trying to determine who's going to be the head Stooge....quite funny watching this "process" - pecking each other then within a split second they are all buds again, repeat, repeat, repeat...

    Thanks in advance for any input and for reading... [​IMG]
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    Hawks can carry their prey a couple of miles if they are feeding chicks.

    They won't carry a full size chicken, though. They would disassemble it into smaller pieces and carry those home.

    It's always possible that a free range hen that disappears is sitting broody where you can't find her. EE's will go broody.
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    Quote:I watched a large hawk carry off a good sized hen clear up over a ridge.

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