How far will they roam?


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I have 9 acres and woven wire fencing. There are a couple of places in the fenceline where my dog can squeeze under, though. Is 9 acres enough for a pair of guineas, or will they go and visit my neighbors?
There is just no telling how they will decide where to go. I was hoping mine would go to the back and sides of us yet they seem content to be near people so they like the front and the two neighbors to the left of us. They have been to the one on the right once but didn't stay long. They have gone across the road twice but don't stay there long either. Once I catch them on the road I let my dogs herd them back to the side and into one of the neighbors that I trust. They know they are not to be on the road so they are easily persuaded. Acreage wise I'd say they go about 2 acres to the side and an acre to the front. However they are not interested in going in the back or the side yard very far into the tree line but then they go through the thickest parts to get to neighbors so who knows?

It has been my experience, 1 Year, that whatever bugs and greens I fed them when they were little, is where they go now. They seem to find the right vegetation every time. I made sure I didn't collect anything from across the road or past the neighbor they stop at. So I'm thinking that may have something to do with it. Just a guess. How wide is your property. and how far off the road is your house? 9 acres seems like more than enough.
That's great info, thanks!

My house is three or four hundred feet from the road, I would say. And the places in the fence where the dog can slip under are toward the back. There's one spot that would let them out at the edge of some woods and another that would let them out into a neighbor's empty field. To get to anyone's house, they would have to go at least a half mile, I think, from any of the weak spots in the fence.

Do you keep yours in the garden? We're considering getting some to eat our squash bugs!
Mine go wherever they darn-well please. I live on six acres, with neighbors who have about six acres and most of it is heavily wooded...except the 3 or 400 feet to the road.

You mentioned fencing, but guineas can fly if they've a mind to (or in defense if they meet with a predator), so if they want, they can fly over your fence. However, they might just honor that fence since you have so much property for them to roam. That would be great!

I fenced my garden.....chickens..........need I say more?
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No fences for the gardens, flowers or vegetables. They free roam in there and do a great job of picking the bugs and not the plants. If you want to eat the squash bugs the when they are in the coop before you let them out, catch some and put them in a baggie. Then give them a treat in the morning of the bugs. That is the best way I know to get them to eat a specific bug. Good luck!
We usually have a ton of Japanese beetles that will decimate a lily plant in no time but this year my lilies are coming up great and no sign of a bug! My neighbor has them bad but for some reason they are not eating hers just mine!
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