How have I missed this?? I have a rooster!!


6 Years
Sep 7, 2013
So after 4 months....I've got a rooster!! lol.

Not sure how I missed it though. Well lets be honest....I do know how. When I bought my americaunas back in May the guy picked the "odd" looking one and I guess I figured she/he would look weird and not like my other standard americauna (this is the first year i've ever had chickens.... so its a whole new ballgame I actually have my first finally laying!!).

Anyways, to be honest he didn't start looking like a rooster until the past few weeks when his sickle and hackle feathers were real obvious. I awoke to my boyfriend prodding me this morning going; "babe...did you hear that?" as he let out a short pathetic crow. I actually have heard it sporadically over the months-- but I figured it was my oldest hen imitating the rooster down the road.

in the first image from June (2 months old or so) he is the 3rd one from the front. He still looks like a hen!

and here are both of the americaunas. I bought them at the same time so you can see why I'd thought he was a "mutt" compared to my other brown generic hen.......he'd looked different his whole life. :D

and here is my big boy now in September! He is significantly larger than my hens.

i feel silly having missed this for so long but i'm still learning. anyways we've decided to keep him even though everyone keeps saying "say goodbye to your sanity" and "stewpot him now before he gets stringy".
Ya that is a rooster, but they are not ameraucanas they, both the hen and rooster, are easter eggers. Hatcheries, feed stories, uneducated and untruthful breeders mislabel them a lot.
Very pretty Easter Egger boy, I think he has feathers of about every color possible. Funny how much the roos change color from when they are chicks.
so far he is still very nice.... no problems with aggression thus far and its fun to crow and watch him look up confused amidst the flock and crow back. im curious though-- will i still be able to handle him (pick him up etc) as he continues to mature? Or will he be evasive about handling? what is everyone elses experience?
Handeling roosters too much can make them become agressive. You need to have a understnading. Dont make him afraid of you, but show that you are boss
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