How high does the fence have to be if their wings are clipped?


9 Years
Jun 2, 2010
I need a new (bigger) chicken run, hopefully have some new additions on the way in the incubator. I've just had what I think is a bit of a brain wave
Please could you tell me what you think- cunning plan or not a good idea...

Instead of making a bigger (my current one is 10x12ft) all enclosed run from wood and wire- which was pretty expensive and a pain, my cunning plan is to use some of that plastic mesh type stuff on sticks, that way I can make a nice big area and put their chicken house in the area. Then I can move the fencing around from time to time to give them fresh ground too (they will probably also get out into the field for a few hours in the evening as they do currently. Then the existing run becomes the chick's new run. Giving me plenty of room and happy chickens. Only downside for them is they get their wings clipped as I know they can fly quite high and would clear a 4 foot fence currently.

I have to go and shut their run door every evening anyway, so going down to shut them in their house wouldn't be extra work. So although the fence wouldn't be fox secure, they would be in their house which is.

Any thoughts on this would be gratefully received
- is it a cunning plan? if so how high should the fence be?
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A problem I see with the plan is that not all predators attack at night, and with that kind of fencing they could get right in. I'm thinking of dogs, but even foxes can get bold and attack during the day. I myself wouldn't want to keep up with wing clipping either, I think it's a pain in the butt. However! If you don't mind clipping wings, then I say go for it, and just be aware that you could lose some birds to predators during the day. I would make the fencing as high as you can, at least 4 ft, but 5 would be better. Even birds with their wings clipped can sometimes flap their way into the air.
If you do go with wing clipping, I hope you have better luck than I did-- I have been clipping wings on my pet birds(cockatiels, parrots,etc)forever, so when I found my 2 young D'Uccles sitting on top of the fence in their temporary inside area(waiting for the coop and pen to get done....), I clipped their wings, and I am still finding them on the top of the fence!!!! guess they are good at hopping!!! :<)
Lol maybe I should clip their wings now and put them in a makeshift enclosure to see if they escape before I go and do the whole new fencing thing! The Orpington will be fine, but the bantams and the Rhodes are pretty good fliers!!

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