How high for predator fence?


Feb 9, 2016
Seligman Arizona
We need to separate our roosters from the hens. Looking at an area next to our coop/run that we can fence in to keep predators out and roosters in. The area will be more of a circle design, lots of trees for roosting and the tree canopies are close together which will make it difficult for flying predators to swoop down and attack.
The predators known to our area are Hawks, foxes, coyotes, skunks, mountain lions and bears. We have seen everything but the mountain lions and bears.
I was thinking of using 2"x4" welding wire fencing 6' high, electrify if needed and even tie in some bird netting at the top of the fence to the trees.
How does this sound? Is the fence high enough? Any other suggestions? Would rather not build another run and do not want to free range them.


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Nov 23, 2010
St. Louis, MO
No raccoons?

Foxes can jump/climb a 10' fence. Raccoons can climb anything.

An electric wire at the bottom and the top would probably work for a 6' fence.
My fences are much shorter but the chickens are locked in at dusk.


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Nov 18, 2007
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It's nice to see an old thread resurrected. I have plain chicken wire around the perimeter of my pens. Separating the pens I have welded wire with chicken wire. The welded wire is 2"x4" so the chicken wire is up to keep the males from wrecking their combs by trying to fight with a male in an adjacent pen, especially when I move males around then a new male appears next door, they will try to fight. I put the welded wire up because the chicken wire will rust out after several years and have to be replaced. A couple of years ago I replaced the perimeter fencing. I also have electric wires around my coops and pens, concrete under the gates and good heavy duty netting covering the pens, all due to losses from predators in the past. I think the adult predators teach their young that a chicken isn't worth getting a good zap. Anything that touches my wires will know it and will probably hurt for a couple of days. I also have several game cameras up around on my property. Here most of the predators roam at night.
A bobcat outside of my chick/grow-out coop a little over a month ago. I'm pretty sure it knows the electric wires are there.
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