How high to raise the brooder plate for 3 week old silkie chicks


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Sep 13, 2020
I have 3 3-4 week old silkie chicks and purchased an adjustable brooder plate for them. One of the chicks is bigger than the other two, and the two seem to have cold feet. They haven’t been sleeping under the heat plate so I keep adjusting it In hopes they sleep under it, but they just huddle together in some random spot in their enclosure. I have them inside, so the temp in here is probably 70 - 75 degrees day/night.

Right now, the plate is probably 3-4in high. Does anyone have any idea how high I should set it for this little ones? I’m concerned the smaller two might be getting cold (since their feet aren’t super warm like the bigger ones are).

Thanks in advance for your help!



Feb 14, 2016
I have never used a heating plate before, I just use a heat lamp.
Have you tried moving the heating plate either to their favorite spot or slowly moving it to their favorite spot?
I'm not sure the rules about adjusting the heating plate but with a heat lamp (I never keep track of the temperature, I always following the chick's body language)... even though the one chick is larger, is it too close to the ground that the chicks find it too hot? Hopefully, someone that uses a heating plate has some advice.


Jul 20, 2018
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I have mine set up to the height of the tallest chick's back. So when they walk under it their backs touch. But lately they are getting so feathered in (they are 3 maybe 4 weeks now) i may shut it off. They are inside so its a consistent temperature of around 70. I usually have my babies weened off the heat, by 4 or so weeks old. Since they will be going out in the coop soon. I'd like to pull the lights to help them feather in a bit faster.

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