How I went from Nigis to Saanens!

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  1. Many of you know that I had picked out and put deposit on two Nigi does, one of which was in milk.
    I was stoked and went out to the farm to see them.
    While there I fell in the goat paddock and broke my ankle, but that's another story!
    I decided while there to not take the younger nigi doe and go with a super friendly Saanen doe named Heidi who will be year old in June. She also took $50 off the price of the Saanen doe because I got hurt and gave me a free pedigreed French Angora buck rabbit.
    So I was taking a Nigi and a Saanen. I was supposed to pay her and take them home in May.

    Weeks pass, everything is fine. I don't hear from the breeder. I fall compltely in love with the rabbit, who I named Peter (stole the name right from Miss Prissy! LOL)
    Then last night I get an e-mail from her, asking if I would be willing to take a 9 week old Saanen doeling named Isabella who is extremely show quality because her 12 year old daughter is attached to Hiedi and can't let her go. I am miffed because I had hoped for milk for my family sooner but I think it over and roll with it, the doeling has MUCH better bloodlines than Heidi in the milk department and she is just stunning to look at. The breeder tells me that for my trouble (she knew I really wanted Heidi) she will take another $50 off her price AND give me a free breeding to any of her bucks (a $100 value) when the time comes.
    So I am getting a gorgeous, registered, high quality doeling for $100 [​IMG]
    I am excited about this. But then I get to thinking... I was taking a Nigi already in milk. She's giving a quart a day. At first I thought it would be enough for my family as we weren't huge milk drinkers.
    But since I have started to tell friends that we were getting goats I already have a couple people interested in buying goat milk for their pets [​IMG] and goat cheese, etc.
    I talked to the breeder and we both came to the conclusion that the Saanen will give about or over a gallon a day, and the Nigi will give a quart. Just recently with cheese and yogurt making and breadmaking, we have been going through anywhere from 3-6 gallons of milk a week. It won't be enough milk for everything we need and plan to do with it, plus a couple customers.
    She tells me that Bella dam, Windy will be for sale in December after she has earned her milk star. She will let me take her for the same price as I was going to pay for the Nigi doe, $350.
    I jumped on it. Windy will still be in milk when she comes home.

    Now I don't have any goats here right now. So I ask her, "How can we handle this, since Bella will be ready to come home long before Windy?" And she tells me that she will let me borrow a 6 month old Nigi doe that they are planning to keep!


    These are my new girlies:


    Funny how you can go for a certain thing but someone can have other plans!
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    Your girls are absolutely beautiful. Of my 2 goats my Saanen is by far my favorite--I hope you enjoy them! Good luck to you and your girls.
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    Good deal! Congrats!!

    Younger they are the more they seem to attach to a family. Don't get me wrong I have some I have bought at even 6 years old, and they warm up too.

    Word of advice (as my old hands are acky now), find a automatic milker! I wish I had one! I work full time and millk all the goats 2x a day. Gets to be a real pain in lol

    (edited to add: Price of papered goats seems to vary depending on where you are from. My papered nubians (over 3 years old) were $150 in milk and doelings I bought last year $75 with papers. All from different breeders. So for me here in this part of Oregon it seems a little much $$ but in reality I have no clue what economics are where you are. Last year here a layer (chicken) went for $10-$20; this year $20-$40. Things also change.. lol )
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    Congrats! I have Nigis but I really want a Sanaan doe they are so beautiful.
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    Congrats on your goats. [​IMG] I recently got a Registered Saanen in milk & Love her dearly. She's been Milking Through (kidded a yr ago) & still gives about 3/4 of a gallon to a gallon a day of milk. [​IMG] She is by far the friendliest Doe I've known.
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    My Nigis are giving about a quart per milking, not quite. We can't keep up with all the milk!
  7. Quote:Well you have 20+ of them, of course you can't keep up! LOL

    I was looking for 2 goats and to maybe keep a doe kid every couple of years or so... I don't see myself with ever anymore than 6. My husband would kill me!
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    Quote:That's what we thought last year when we came home with our 3 girls and 1 boy......we now have 12 girls and 3 boys

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