How is this possible? Brown-barred from Blue/black x black?

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  1. Hi!
    I've been pondering over these Naked Neck chicks for a couple of weeks and can't understand where the barring and the color came from.

    The hen was either a blue or black Naked Neck (NakedNeckxSilkie cross).
    The roo *should* have been a black Naked Neck (NakedNeckxSilkie cross).
    I got a blue barred feather neck chick from the same setting of eggs so I know at least one hen mated the Barred Rock rooster in the next pen.

    EXcept, one of the chicks is silkie feathered, so the Barred Rock *can't* be the father of that chick.



    I'm perplexed about where the barring came from ????

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    Maybe the hen and the barred rock roo tangoed and the seed didn't get cycled out before the blue/black x black happened?

    Or... your black actually has some blue in him somewhere?
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    I want to say wait for them to grow up. Baby RIR chicks have barred wings when they are little but grow out of it.
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    Could one of the parents have partridge in their ancestry? The one on the right really makes me think partridge, but the one on the left I'm not so sure (pretty even barring).

  5. It may well be an odd *throw-back*.
    A little more background:
    The 1st generation cross was buff / red Naked Neck hens with a blue Silkie roo.
    I only used the blue and black hens from the cross for breeding back to another blue Silkie.
    And the same for the next generation.

    These chicks *should be* from F3 x F3 (and some x F4).

    I hadn't thought of it til just now, but from what I've read the black/blue covers / hides other colors?
    So by mating 2 blue/black birds, both hiding other colors, the other colors had enough *genetic oomph* to show themselves again --- like a *throw-back* to the buff/red hens way back when?

    Sound like a reasonable explanation?

    Would that explain the barring? If you look at the wing-tips on the silkie feathered chick, the barring is pretty distinct there, too.

    I've never raised RIR's and I don't remember the original buff/red NN hens ever showing barring as chicks --- but it could be in their *background*.

    Jody, not sure what qualifies as a partridge, but anything is possible. The majority of the birds in these crosses were from hatchery chicks and who knows what was in their ancestry.

    Leads me back to why only just 2 chicks from the cross x cross look like these.

    I could talk myself right back into being confused [​IMG]
    Or I might have to make up more 'scientific terms' like *genetic oomph* [​IMG]

    If anyone has any insight, please jump in [​IMG]

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