How it began....


11 Years
Sep 27, 2010
Bellefonte, PA
A friend of ours was going to move to Florida and give us all her chickens(9 in all; comets, RIR, Leghorns)...but she didn't move. She was sweet enough to still give my girls 2 chickens(both comets). One is named "Ginger"(from Chicken Run), the other "Bobbie". Ginger is the ruler of our flock and smart. We then got 3, month old Wynadotte pullets(a columbian, a silver and a gold).

Unfortunately, the silver just died...but after I happened upon some extremely nice folks that live near by, that can get us some BLRW...which is what we wanted all along, but didn't have a way to get locally. So, now...we have 2 blue and 2 splash on the way! I never thought I would get so into chickens so quickly. But, my kids and I would never go back to not have them. They are part of our family
We love them.

Now if I could figure HOW to post photos
That is such a neat story! I love to hear how new flocks have come about.
As to posting pics, see the blue tool bar, which says "Index, User Rules, Search, My Page...Uploads..."
Click on uploads. It will give u a form to upload a pic. Browse ur computer for the pic u want. Select it. Choose appropriate size (ie, for avatar, email or forum) then click upload. When it is completed, it will pop up in its own box, with 2 addresses beneath it. One for thumbnail (little) or the other one (I forget what it's called) which is bigger.
Then, click on size you want, and copy.
Once inside a post, paste the pic address and voila!
(to be sure u did it right, click "preview" and see what it looks like, before clicking "submit"
Can't wait to see some pics of your new "family"!

Brightest Blessings
Mrs. Fluffy Puffy :


Your girl seems to be having tons of fun with her feathery friends!

Thank you....I never knew what we were missing

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