how load are peacocks

You know they are pretty large so I imagine they'd be a nice sized load, but they are also pretty loud, so if you have neighbors close, they might not appreciate them so much!
If you have a breeder/farm near by, that would be the most help for noise. I would go and visit one to experience the sounds, plus it's a lot of fun! What is loud to some isn't that bad to others. Close neighbors should be onboard with a decision like this as their perception of loud may be different as well.

You could also sample videos online of a male call. YouTube for instance.

Hope this helps.
they are are loud!!
but,like the other posts say,it all depends on your nieghbours.
i live in a normal suburban setting,with neighbours all around
so far no one has complained,but i can tell you,sometimes "I" am the one who is tested!!!lol
it is very loud!!
but,these birds are sooooo way cool!
its worth it!!!
During breeding season (March- August) this varies by location and we are still getting fertile eggs.
Is when they are vocal. At other times during the year we get occasional "calls" but for the most part they are pretty quiet.
I live on only 20 acres, but because our place is surrounded by croplands and a nature conservancy, the nearest neighbor's residence is about 1/2 mile away. Would the peafowl noise impinge on them at all? Another neighbor, further away, has a donkey whose calls travel pretty far - I've heard peafowl of course, but are they louder than a donkey?

Thanks, I know it's all subjective...
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