How long after hatching chicks does a hen start to lay again?


Jan 1, 2018
Lac-Humqui QC
I had two of my Bantam Golden Lace Wing Wyandottes go broody. The first hen managed to hatch only one chick. A week later the second hen managed to hatch 5. I felt bad but for space management (in my house) I put the one chick with the mother of the 5 and placed the other mom back with the flock.
How long should I expect the mother of the one placed back with the flock to start laying again? It has been 2 weeks. I know she needs to get her strength back after minimal food and water for 21 days.
It's usually about 2 months after hatch but it could vary dramatically.
Doesn't the hen that hatched the single chick miss it?
Thanks Chicken Canoe, Yes she did for about a day. I felt terrible but she could see it from her cage right next door. She seems fine now. The chick didn't seem to skip a beat between the two mums.
I had to bring them all into the house as we have a stoat problem. That thing has caused a lot of damage around here. I couldn't risk loosing my bantam flock.

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