How long after Peeps does Pip come? should i be worried?


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Feb 22, 2011
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Hello everyone!
my first hatch!

I woke up in the middle of the night to some peeps
then they were quieter, now its been 15 hours or so.
Im wondering how long after initial peeps does pip come?
I searched here, but didnt find the answer..
thanks so much in advance.
my heart is pumping!

New Mom!
I had peeps this morning and just had one hatch. Be patient. Yours are normal. It varies quite a bit, but there is nothing to worry about. I'm guessing your sitting there watching. Move away from the incubator and find something to do that you used to do before you started hatching eggs....
Really though, they will pip, zip and hatch when they are ready.
thank u!

i keep running in there... anything?? lol
its 21 days tonight so i guess all is well!
omgosh my heart!
thanks good luck too!
OMG I got a pip! I hear some peeping too! How long does it take them to come out? I am nervous! What if the others haven't come out? When do I take the hatched ones out of the bator?

omgosh there is one pip! and its shaking a bit.
the only thing is the thermometor is on top of it..
its the kind of one taped onto a piece of plastic that come w the hoping it will shae right out from under and all is well.
Its making alot of peeps now too!
this is exactly 21 days.
the other eggs are ....quiet.. i think no pips visible..
i know dont open it lol!
im excited. i dont know if i can sleep tonight!
hi everyone!
I have 2 hatched and one more pip so far!
its so cool and amazing. I hope some more catch up but who knows. 3 out of 18 at day 21.5.
they are the marans, the ameraucanas didnt pip at all so far..
thanks to all on this forum!
many great ideas and insight!

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