How long are fertile eggs laid after the roo is gone?


9 Years
Mar 19, 2010
Spring Branch
A couple of weeks ago my black Silkie rooster was killed.
Voodoo had been happily servicing all of the girls and I know for a fact that at that time the eggs being laid were fertile. His Silkie girlfriend went broody 3-4 days ago and I placed 3 of her own freshest eggs under her to hopefully hatch. I thought I had read somewhere that hens will continue to lay fertile eggs for about 3 weeks after the rooster is gone. Does that sound about right? I had checked one of my Silkie girl's older eggs that was in the fridge and it for sure had the "bull's eye" mark of fertility. Keeping my fingers crossed that the 3 eggs she's sitting on all hatch.
lol I got two pullets from a good friend and both had been with a few roosters. They have been integrated here and laying for 2-3 weeks now, and the eggs look fertile enough to put in an incubator! I have a friend who asks me to bring some over because she had bators lol. So after 2-3 weeks, my two girls are still fertile.

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