How long can a bantam stay clucky

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    Oct 22, 2013
    North Island New Zealand
    My wee frizzle has been nesting now for almost a month. I have found a supply of fertile eggs to buy, but wonder if I have left it too late, and she may give up before they hatch.
    Any help appreciated as Im very new to having hens.

  2. Pathfinders

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    There's no real way to give you a firm answer, all you can do is try! Is she a Cochin frizzle? They tend to be very broody (second only to Silkies, in my experience) and she may very well stay firmly on the nest for long enough to do the job, but no guarantees.

    What I would do is, give her some non-fertile eggs to sit on for now, until the ones you want to purchase arrive. This will encourage her to remain broody. When your good eggs arrive, remove the others and discard them, and replace them with the ones you want her to hatch.

    Probably a good idea to find a backup source for incubation just in case. Check with your local Extensions office to see if they know of anyone near you who raises/breeds poultry who might be able to help you. 4-H agents are, in my experience, excellent sources of help with things like this!

    Good luck with your hatch. [​IMG]

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