How long can a fertile egg sit?


Sep 12, 2017
How long can a fertile egg sit without being incubated? I only have 2 hens laying at this time, so it will take me a few days to get a decent sized clutch of eggs from them. How many days can they last before they wont be able to form an embryo? I'll be getting rid of my current rooster after I get some chicks from him, he attacks everyone that comes outside. Is inbreeding a concern with chickens? I will most likely keep one of his sons to be the new rooster for the flock, and if hes breeding with birds that he has relation to, will that be an issue? Any replies are greatly appreciated, thank you!
You can easily get away with storing eggs for 2 weeks. But after week 1, fertility tends to dip down. I've hatched eggs as old as 2-3weeks before. The younger and fresher the egg, the better

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