How long can i keep rangers

My hen house

Aug 2, 2019
I thought of this idea to get 10-15 rainbow rangers in the spring and butcher them throughout the summer as I need
Would this work or would they get to heavy and have health issues after a 8-11 weeks

I've been trying to look online about about it but all I see is to bucher at 8-11 weeks


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Apr 9, 2014
N. California
Health-wise they should be fine. I've kept red ranger hens for a year or more for purposes of egg-laying and breeding, and I know others have as well. The only caveats I would add are, first, they may be less heat tolerant then other breeds, so make sure you have areas of deep shade, or other ways to keep them cool on hot summer days. My red ranger hen made it though a summer of 100+ degree temperatures, but she made heavy use of the misters I set up on hot days.

The other caveat is that as birds get older, their meat properties change -- the meat with gain both more flavor and more texture (become more chewy) than the typical supermarket chicken. At some point the meat will become different enough that you will have to use slow cooking preparations to get a tender bird. For cockerels, that point begins around 14 to 16 weeks old when they start crowing and acting randy. For hens you have longer. They stay tender for at least 5 months.

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