How long can we not collect eggs?

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    We MAY head out of town for a couple of days. We have 7 hens and they sometimes all lay at the same time. Inevitably we'll have to have one of our neighbors let them out and close up the coop, and perhaps collect eggs. Since they're doing us a favor they should keep the eggs as a ""thank you." I'm just wondering how long can we NOT collect eggs? We have 3 nesting boxes.

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    I have had a hen go broody on 4 Eggs left in the nest box for 2 days.
  3. The risk that you take is that the eggs pile up and begin to break as the hens walk on them to lay more. When they start breaking the hens find out how good they taste and you may up with one or more that will start to break and eat eggs once they are laid. It can take weeks to break them of the habit. (To break them of the habit you can use golf balls or fake eggs... they will attempt to eat them and find out they can't, after a while they will stop trying).
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    This is really the only issue. I've found nests from free ranging birds that had been laid at least a week before and the eggs have been just fine. I float test them and if they pass, they're dinner. If you're really concerned about eggs that have been out that long, just discard them.

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    If your neighbor is tending the chooks, letting them in and out, let them have the eggs as payment.
    It's a nice thing to do and will be incentive and investment in the care for the chickens.
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    I'd do as aart suggested.[​IMG]

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