How long do chicks need to be under lights?


9 Years
Jul 19, 2010
SW Montana
I am trying to figure out once I get chicks how long I have to finish the coop, lol. I am sure there are topics about this but I am short on time (middle of calving) and I want to make sure I get chicks in good time. Thanks
We may be an exception, but I believe it depends on the temperatures .. Last year, we got 12 chicks and we kept them under lights in the house for just a few days, then they went outside, and they were free to roam around all day, at night they were in a hutch in the garage, and lights were on put on them if it was gonna be cold at night.. We live in South Carolina , so it may be different in colder climates,, But none of ours died, and the have been wonderful layers..
Thanks for all the info. I am in MT and its been super cold:( A very long winter and we are totally looking forward to spring. Now to decide on chicks. I love both silkies and cochins......leaning towards the cochin bantams right now.

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