How long do chicks stay with mom??

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by cluckoldhen, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. cluckoldhen

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    Oct 7, 2009
    Warrenton VA
    My bantam cochin mix hatched some bantam eggs that I got from a friend ...6 of them. How long do they stay with mom and how long before she starts to lay again?? Can I put her in an enclosure after a while..she is in a dog crate now. Here is a pick of the little ones[​IMG]
  2. GardeNerd

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    Ohhhhhh! They are so cute. I love mama and baby pictures!

    I wish I had an answer for your question, but I don't. Sorry. I am curious too, since I have never had a broody.
  3. newchickengirl

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    Nov 19, 2009
    It really depends on the hen. In My experience its been anywhere from 5-6 weeks through 9 weeks.
  4. BarredBuff

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    Dec 6, 2009
    I think they leave the momma hen at 6-8 weeks old and I believe she will begin to lay soon after they leave.
  5. goldnchocolate

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    May 9, 2008
    Awwwww.....they are so adorable [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]...I especially love the little one peeking out from behind Mama's wing.

    When my hen hatched chicks last summer, I made them a separate enclosure (within the main coop) using those 6 sectioned baby gates. I put the food and water right in there with them. I also covered the whole thing with some plastic fencing that I had laying around, attaching it with zip-ties but leaving one section tied with shoelaces so that I could lift it to put the food and water in. She stayed in there with them for around 4 weeks and then she wanted OUT [​IMG]. I took her out and she never looked back.

    I kept the babies in there for a few more weeks and when they got a little bigger I would open it up during the day so that they could get out but they always went back to it at night.

    Good luck with your chicks. Isn't it amazing to see them with a hen. I have a broody that is nesting in my hay stall. Her eggs were due to hatch today (day 20) or tomorrow (day 21). When I went out there tonight to check on her I could hear some "peep, peep, peeps" [​IMG] but it was too dark to see anything.
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  6. cook_kaka_ook

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    Oct 29, 2009
    Leave it to momma. In general, mommas usually send the message to their babies that it's time to go on their own when they'll start pecking on them.
  7. Bassleg

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    Jul 25, 2008
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    They leave at 18 or pay rent!
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  8. tonnie

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    Mar 25, 2014
    if she is a good and protective mother give her a week maybe two put her and the baby in with the flock in the dog crate then open the door just so much that if she wants to come out she can
  9. chickenjoe12

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    Jul 4, 2014
    my broodys normaly start disowning them at 6-7 weeks
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  10. tirrell

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    Nov 4, 2016
    [​IMG] hi mine just turned 9 wk today mom was in a playpen within our garage for 6 wks before we added them in with our 2 barred rocks. Mom still is obsessed with them and they stay right with her, I don't think she will ever leave them. She loves the.

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