How long do I feed them this medicated feed?

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  1. chickenpoop77

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    Nov 18, 2015
    My four are 7 weeks today and in their coop and doing well. I'm running low on their "Purina premium start and grow medicated feed". I am reading conflicting things about a grower feed. Am I supposed to find something that's just a grower feed? Or shoud I keep them in this stuff? I didn't know if there was a difference between chick starter and grower that can be purchased on their own or if they are one in the same. TIA!
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  2. KDOGG331

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    I think most people feed the medicated until 8 weeks, at least that's what I was told. But I think he thought it was just starter and it's accidentally starter/grower and on the bag it says up to 16 weeks. However, I would NOT feed it that long. I THINK if it was non-medicated it would be fine but for medicated I think that's way too long and unnecessary and some chicks can have runny poop from it. Mine are 6 weeks and keep spilling it or eating it fast so I'm hoping by 8 weeks they will be done with it amd if not I am switching to non medicated grower anyway. And hopefully a better food. Mine is Agway.
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    Medicated feed is used to help them build immunity to cocci in their environment. This really takes only a few weeks till their immune system is primed for it. A few of weeks after exposure is all that is needed, but since exposure is sometimes iffy a longer time is recommended. Eight weeks is often the time given. It also is the time around most would switch to a grower.
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    Just get an unmedicated starter/grower when your current bag runs out. Many chicken feeds nowadays combine the two stages of growth with one feed. Totally fine, grower is lower protein and should be less expensive than starter. Unmedicated is a dollar less than medicated too. But if you can't find a plain grower, or if the same price, then unmedicated starter/grower is what they'll get. Anything 16-20% protein will do.
  5. Folly's place

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    It's best to change gradually from the medicated to the unmedicated grower feed, and they need to be out on your dirt for a while first, or put some of your soil in the brooder, so they get acclimated to any coccidia you might have. mary
  6. chickenpoop77

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    Nov 18, 2015
    Thanks everyone!

    @mary they've actually been in our dirt quite a bit as they free range for several hours a day. :)

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