how long do i need to keep ducklings in brooder with heat lamp?


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6 Years
Mar 29, 2013
Hey i have 4, 5 day old ducklings and i was wondering how long i need to keep em under a heat lamp (were keeping them inside for now its usally 70 degrees in here) and I was wondering if i cliped their wings and put them on our pond would they be okay free range ducks? we do have some big cats around here (wild panthers, cougars, bob cats) we have a pretty big pond would they be alright? we would lock them up at night, we just really want them to be safe and happy. Or is duck diapers curel? they seem kinda cruel to me idk
Your ducklings are not ready to be outside.
Week 1: 95'F
Week 2: 90'F
Week 3:85'F
Week 4: 80'F
Week 5: 75'F
Week 6: 70'F

They need feathers. Even adult ducks with feathers need protection from the weather, and all ducks need predator proof housing. Only you know your area and you will likely find information in the stickies.

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